Rusty Nicovich is a senior this year. He is the head techie in charge of set and lighting design. He lives in the theatre. If you don't believe him, ask his family. They've threatened to rent out his room and the dog doesn't recognize him anymore.
Cassie Bird is also a senior and is looking forward to the shows this season. After graduation,Cassie is planning to major in theatre in college. She spends so many hours in the theatre sometimes she is not even seen, even if she is standing center stage. GO BOB VILA - AND TIME IN AFRICA!
Cassie Bird
James "Hulksmash" Helms
James "Hulksmash" Helms is a senior this year. He is the stage manager for the majority of the plays and hopes to continue working in the theatre when he enters college. Although he acts a little, he doesn't like it. He is also the proud owner of "Papa DeWalt"
Megan Connor is looking forward to her fourth year of involvement with Parkview Performing Arts. She has "teched" several plays, beginning with Brigadoon, her freshman year and most recently, Into the Woods last year. She plans to continue participating in theater in college.
Megan Connor
Sean Dehart Sean DeHart - Hates writing bios. He never knows what to say. Writing in 3rd person also bothers him. He helps with the sets and is one of the few people in the theatre who knows how to run the lightboard. Sean has been in theatre since last year when he was recruited by Mrs. Morrow off her daughter's team.
Allison Chamblee - Wow, A bio. I actually started my Parkview career as a musical ensemble member but, I decided that I preferred the whine of a saw to the whine of tired actors. There's nothing quite like the sound of a drill at midnight the morning of opening night. Although it's not very feminine, being a techie is a lot more fun. I have been somehow involved with every show since the end of my freshman year. It's been fun and I hope to be involved in "black theatre" when I go to college.
Allison Chamblee
Zach Thomas - For ages, we two groups have been charged in a holy war. A holy war that has no apparent end. No end in sight and none to be seen. But we few, a hybrid of these two races. We few who fight both wars on both sides. The war is between techies and actors. I am Zach Thomas and I am a hybrid. Sorry, that was just too dramatic. This is my senior year and I am enjoying it. I plan to practice my ways further in college. An amalgam of the actors and the techies.
Melissa Dewey - A web site for techies! Oh no, now they'll know who we are, aaaa! Wow four years, so many memories. Thanks to all the seniors I've ever met. It was always seniors who got me involved in the many different wonders of theatre. First acting and now techieing. Truthfully, I will and won't miss it. But, I'll miss everyone, well almost. Thanks for the smiles.
James Gaskill - James is a senior and he has enjoyed all the tech work he has done with Parkview Theatre. He was the stage manager for "Romeo and Juliet." That was when the theatre took his soul. He has always enjoyed building and enjoys the opportunity to make a set and see a show come together when the curtain opens. He also does find the late night rush before a show fun, in a strange - deprived way. He has been an "actor" in two full-length shows; he is currently seeking help for this disease. James plans to tech with the University of Georgia Theatre after graduation.
Melanie Weldon - Melanie has been involved all four years in the drama program at Parkview and has enjoyed the time she has spent in the theater. She was in the ensemble for Brigadoon her freshman year, but after that, she has been a techie. Melanie will either be a student at Furman University or in the Honors College at the University of Georgia next year, where she will pursue a major in either Pharmacy or Linguistics (choices, choices). She hopes to continue quenching her thirst for drama as a college student.
Sean "Elf Boy" Connor- Sean (or "Elf Boy" as he is more commonly referred to) is the youngest of the Parkview techies. He has done some small stuff during the last year, but his biggest accomplishment was the limousine from "Crazy for You" which won the "Best Set Piece" award at the Sub-Region One-Act Play Competition. He would like to thank all of the current seniors for giving him the opportunity to get involved in the theater program and for all of the wisdom and advice that they have given him. He would also really like to thank Mr. Townley for all of the work that he does around the theater and for taking the time to teach younger techies.
Kathleen Kennedy (Red) Hi! This is my second year of teching at Parkview. Guess you could say I caught the "techie bug" that's passed on through siblings. I caught it from my brother. Or maybe I caught the smell of paint fumes instead . . . Paint? What? Sorry! Hope you guys had fun at the shows this year. Come back and see us next year, it should be great. Later!
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