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Patrick Gross Patrick Gross - Patrick first came to the theatre in the spring of 2001. He never meant to get involved, but some how he got sucked into the world of drama. In his off time, Patrick plays golf and enjoys running - when he is not hurt. He hopes that you will come to see his work and forgive him if the sets fall apart.
Sean Connor - Sean has been involved in Parkview Drama since the end of his freshman year. He helped out with building things in his spare time, and he joined the stagecraft class last year. Sean is also in the theatre production class this year, but his main interest will always be technical theatre.
Sean Commor
Anna Brown
Anna Brown - Referred to a Red-Brown, Anna spends too much time in theatre. She can't even remember what her siblings look like. In between bossing Becca around, she's active in Karate (which means she beats Becca regularly) and also runs the Gwinnett Gavel Club. She plans to major in technical theatre in college - if Becca doesn't kill her first.
Rebecca Brown - Referred to as Brown-Brown, you can always find her...well, at home...on the internet. Becca enjoys writing stories, during class when everyone else is working their fingers to the bone. OK, now to be serious - opps, I already told you the truth - J/K. She is hard working, enjoys surfing the web - (mostly late at night and early in the morning) She enjoys the Invisible Man on SciFi (FYI, don't ask about the show unless you want to hear about 2 seasons - J/K).
Rebecca Brown
Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy - Hello! This is my third and final year of stagecraft. I became interested when my brother was here a few years ago. I guess I caught the techie "bug" that is passed on to siblings. That tends to happen a lot in theatre, I've noticed.

I enjoy reading, dancing, playing chess and talking online. I've been taking Irish Step Dancing for two years. I've enjoyed working with all of you these past few years. Good luck with next years shows!

Bryan Weldon - This is Bryan's first year in Parkview Drama. He is happy to be here and to learn so many new things. He loves cotton candy and the ring toss game at the carnival.
Bryan Weldon
Mandy Douglas Mandy Douglas - Mandy came to Parkview Drama in the fall of 2001. She is having a great time so far. She would like to thank Mr. Townley for giving his time for her to learn. She would also like to thank the other techies for teaching her to be more independent while using the power tools.
Kelly O'Neill - Hi, my name is Kelly O'Neill and this is my first year in stagecraft. So far, being a part of Parkview Drama has been a wonderful experience and has taught me a lot of things. Before this year, I probably couldn't have told you the difference between a nail and a screw! So, thanks to everyone for their support. Lots of love!
Kelly O'Neill
Rebecca Thurmond Rebecca Thurmond - Becca is the second Rebecca in the class so, mostly everyone calls her "Thurmond".While at the theatre, you will find her in the "toybox" looking for props and evading actors.
Stephanie West -Stephanie has enjoyed 2 shows in which she has teched.She is having fun being with friends and eating snow cones. OK, she doesn't eat them here, but she likes them a lot!
Stephanie West
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