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Rusty and James weather the siding Aunt Eller's front porch.
Megan and Allison paint as Michael puts the finishing touches to a flat.
Rusty works on a window as "Hulksmash" watches on.
Megan paints while Rusty works on Aunt Eller's Porch.
James Gaskill assembles a ceiling beam.
James Gaskill attaches ceiling beam to the "Smokehouse"
Justin Nix who portrays "Curley" in "Oklahoma!" adds the finishing touches to the kitchen set.
"Oklahoma!" set with evening light. Aunt Eller's House was designed by Rusty Nicovich.
"Oklahoma!" set with sunrise light.
"Oklahoma!" set with daylight.
"Oklahoma!" Running crew and orchestra.
"Oklahoma!" Cast photo February 10, 2001.
"Oklahoma!" Senior cast photo February 10, 2001.
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