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James & Amy
James "Hulksmash" Helms & Amy Morrow - Wait for scaffold pieces to be passed up.
Zack Thomas
Zach Thomas - Helping set up the scaffold so Rusty can focus lights in the cove.
Amy Morrow
Amy Morrow - Pulls up one side of the scaffold.
Rusty Nicovich - In the cove focusing a light for Dispatches From Hell and I Never Saw Another Butterfly.
Set - Dispatches From Hell Dispatches From Hell - Set for the "Offices of the Southeast Directorate of the Reichsbahn (German National Railroad) in Oppeln, Silesia. Winter, 1942
Set - I Never Saw Another Butterfly I Never Saw Another Butterfly - This sparce set represents the Jewish ghetto in Terezin, Czechoslovakia where the play takes place.
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