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Wide Auditorium Wide shot of the Parkview High School auditorium. The set for "Once Upon a Mattress" is taking shape.
Wide Stage On stage shot of the "Once Upon a Mattress" construction.
Rusty & Cassie Rusty Nicovich and Cassie Bird attach the facing to the stage extension.
Hulksmash James "Hulksmash" Helms prepares a brace for the bed.
Hulksmash James attaches brace to bed.
Hulksmash & Pat Patrick Gross helps Hulksmash secure brace.
James Gaskill James Gaskill working on his ramp.
James & Arch James working on the arch attached to his ramp.
Sean Connor
Sean Connor working on the "Once Upon a Mattress" set.
Bed Platform Hulksmash, James Gaskill, Sean DeHart and Sean Connor lift the top of the bed platform into place.
Bed Platform
The guys realize that Sean Connor is too short to help any further and ask for help.
Bed Platform Pat Gross comes to the rescue.
Bed Platform
Rusty lends a helping hand to get the platform secure.
Cassie & Allison Cassie Bird keeps the arch template in place while Allison Chamblee traces it.
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