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Patrick Gross & Sean Connor - Working on a door for the truck used as a set piece. Updated pictures of the final set will be posted soon.
100 Anna Brown & Rebecca Brown - Working on the bumper of the truck used as a set piece.
Kathleen Kennedy - Texture painting a platform.
Sean Connor - Attaching wagon brakes to the truck set piece.
Anna Brown - Securing the bumper from underneath the platform.
Rebecca Brown - Testing an early version of the headlights for the truck. They were changed to actual working lights and the grill was also changed. Updated pictures of the set are coming soon.
Sean Connor - Sending a lighting instrument up to be hung.
Cast - The Fantasticks advanced from AAAAA Sub-Region on Saturday - October 27, 2001 to AAAAA Region One Act Play Competition. That competition will be held on November 1, 2001. The show received 7 awards at Sub-Region. See the list by clicking on the picture.
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