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The Fantasticks Running Crew at AAAAA Region One Act Play Competition. November 1, 2001
The crew assembles The Fantasticks truck for the
AAAAA Region One Act Play Competition.
Kathleen Kennedy, Pat Gross, Rebecca Brown, Kelly O'Neill & Sean Connor working on frame.
Travis Ahlquist attaches top brace as Sean Connor, Kathleen Kennedy and Pat Gross watch.
Pat Gross - Attaches other brace.
Rebecca Brown - Testing the final version of the headlights for the truck. Notice the grill has been changed, also.
Anna Brown - (Mother behind post) and Rebecca Thurmond work on platform.
Kelly O'Neill - touches up the paint.
Rebecca Thurmond - Helps with touch-up. Yes Rebecca, I got your picture and you are on the web for all to see.
Rebecca Brown, Sean Connor & Kelly O'Neill Running Crew for "The Fantasticks" 2002 performances.
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