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Keyboard for piano Rusty is building for the show. Click on photo to see the progress of the piano.


Zach Thomas & "Hulksmash" - Bring frame with door into the theatre.
Zach Thomas & "Hulksmash" - Placing door in frame.
Allison & Cassie
Allison Chamblee & Cassie Bird - checking their marks before cutting a board
Allison & Kathleen
Allison Chamblee & Kathleen Kennedy - Allison wonders if everyone is out to get her.
Hulksmash gets Crown
James "Hulksmash" Helms - gets a crown for his efforts.
Hulksmash Measures
"Hulksmash" - Double checks his measurements before putting a leg on a staircase
Rusty - Sean - James
Rusty, Sean & "Hulksmash" - Working on staircase
Sean & Rusty Sean DeHart & Rusty Nicovich - Make sure all is right before putting step on staircase.
Melissa & Sean Melissa Dewey & Sean DeHart brace the staircase
Sean DeHart Sean secures a brace to the staircase
Sean - Rusty - Cassie Sean, Rusty & Cassie working on staircase.
James Gaskill joins Sean & Rusty James Gaskill lends a hand to Sean and Rusty. James is Treasurer of Parkview's Thespian Troup 4805.
Rusty - Cassie - Hulksmash Rusty, Cassie & "Hulksmash" work on turning the staircase over to attach the legs on the other side.
Sean - Sean C. & Rusty Sean DeHart, Sean Connor & Rusty Nicovich bracing platform for "Crazy for You".
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